RSHE Curriculum 2021-2022

DOWNLOAD: RSHE Curriculum 2021-2022

RSHE is Relationships, Sex and Health Education and was formerly known as  Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education. This change had been made in line with the Department for Education guidance which we have followed since September 2020.

Our RSHE curriculum provides a balanced and broadly-based programme which:

  • Promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of students at the school and of society
  • Prepares students at the school for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.

This will be delivered through RSHE lessons for all of our students across the academy. Every student has a 35 minute lesson every Tuesday morning. We will also have additional RSHE assemblies and drop down days throughout the year.

The main aim of our RSHE curriculum is to ensure our students are ‘Prepared for Life’ when they leave TGAS. To do this we aim to foster a safe school community where students can learn, grow and develop positive, healthy behaviour for life. We want to nurture a secure learning environment where students can be inquisitive and curious, develop tolerance, empathy and self-esteem, and show respect and consideration for others.

The purpose of relationship and sex education (RSE) is to provide knowledge and understanding of how the human body changes during puberty and the processes of human reproduction, within the context of relationships based on love and respect.  It should develop understanding and attitudes which will help students to form relationships in a responsible and healthy manner and to appreciate the value of stable family life, including the responsibilities of a healthy relationship.

There is a vast amount of, sometimes confusing, information about relationships and sex on the internet, on TV and in magazines, which young people may have access to, and this can sometimes make an already confusing time seem even more complicated!  Therefore, at times, throughout your child’s education at Tudor Grange Academy, staff, and occasionally outside speakers will deliver sessions focusing on relationship and sex education.

If young people can start their transition into adulthood with factual information and the confidence and knowledge to understand what is happening to them, they will hopefully grow into confident and healthy adults able to make positive choices.  This can start with learning the basics about growing up and these sessions at the Academy may reinforce what you are already doing at home.

From September 2020 RSHE has been statutory for all schools across the country. Our curriculum has been fully designed for students at Tudor Grange Academy following the Department of Education statutory guidance to ensure we are providing the most appropriate and factual provisions for our students.

The Sex education part of this curriculum can cause some anxiety for parents. We have planned our curriculum to ensure that only suitable, factual age-appropriate content is delivered to support a safe and healthy understanding of this part of life. Content does not promote sexual exploration but informs about making mature and safe decisions in life.

If parents do not wish their child to attend Sex Education they can choose to withdraw them, and students will receive extra RSHE lessons on other aspects of the curriculum at this time. Students are not able to be withdrawn from RSHE lessons which cover the same content that is delivered in Key Stage 3 Science lessons such as puberty.

The Department for Education advise that if a parent removes their child from Sex education that this content should be delivered at home.

Since September 2020 parents can only opt to withdraw their child from sex education elements of RSHE (not relationship elements), up to and until three terms before the child turns 16.  After that point, if the child wishes to receive sex education rather than be withdrawn, the school must make arrangements to provide the child with sex education during one of those terms.