We believe that each student’s education is enhanced where there is shared understanding of what the Academy expects and how parents and teachers can work together in this important area. At Tudor Grange Academy, we expect all students to undertake homework on a regular basis and staff will support this policy by setting meaningful homework at appropriate times.

We recognise that students work at different speeds and that, as a result, homework may take longer for some than for others. We try to ensure that homework requirements are reasonable and that tasks set are suitable to the student’s needs and abilities. We encourage a range of different homework tasks to be set, some homework will be small tasks that need to be completed on the day set and handed in the next day, whilst at other times homework will be set over an extended period.

We believe students benefit more from homework when it is supported by parents and one particular way in which you can help support your child is by trying to ensure that they have the best possible conditions for homework to be undertaken successfully. As a guide, we would suggest :-

  1. Creating a quiet space where homework can be completed.
  2. Providing paper, pens and other resources to allow it to be completed to a good standard.
  3. To try and minimise distractions during this time (such as television, phones or computers for example).
  4. Building time into the week to check homework has been completed.

To help students and parents manage their homework responsibilities we use the “Show My Homework” programme, which is an easy to use online homework management system with many benefits for parents, teachers and students. Using this platform, teachers create and publish the homework online with a due date, which then appears in a personalised homework calendar for each student, along with any other details such as resources, internet links or worksheets. “Show My Homework” is also available as an app for parents or students to use on their smartphones which, once logged in using your unique PIN number, will notify you and your child as to when homework is set and due, allowing you to fully support and manage homework as a parent.

If homework is not satisfactorily undertaken, we will take appropriate measures to encourage improvement from the student. These measures could include penalty marks, detentions or catch-up/study support periods after school.

If any student or parent have any concerns regarding the frequency, volume or value of the homework being set, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s tutor. Similarly, if the form tutor or subject teacher feels there are concerns over homework, they may also contact home to make parents aware of the concern and suggest ways the issue could be resolved.