26th April 2017


% A*-B = 57%
% A* – E = 98.2%
% 3 or more A* – E = 93.1%
% 2 or more A* – E = 100%
Value Added = +0.27

Year 13: 2016 Results

We are incredibly proud of our Year 13 students who have achieved excellent results in their A level examinations.

The pass rate of 98.2% with 57% of grades at A* – B is a real vindication of the efforts of all our students. This is during a time of reform where January examinations have been removed making success more difficult. The majority of students achieved at least one of the top A*- B grades and the average grade per entry rose to a B. It is undoubtedly a great set of results and one fully deserved by a year group characterised by their endeavour, community spirit and ability to support others. All their accolades are thoroughly deserved and a testament to their hard work and resilience.

Of particular note is the significantly positive ‘value added’ score for this cohort. With GCSE performance so high at Tudor Grange, the fact that sixth form performance actually surpasses this and adds additional value is testimony to the teaching standards and the great efforts of the students. We can feel confident that the sixth form is thriving and achieving its aim of delivering great results and destinations for all our students, whether that be university, apprenticeship or employment. This year we celebrate our first Oxbridge success with Victoria Kearsey gaining a place at New College, Oxford to study Law and Hena McGhee pursuing Economics at Jesus College, Cambridge. In addition to these wonderful achievements all our destination outcomes have been excellent with a high number of students moving on to Russell Group Universities and other highly acclaimed courses.

The number of students gaining places on prestigious higher apprenticeship opportunities has also increased, including those at Grant Thornton; the BBC and RSL Finance.

Amongst the many individual success stories, the following students all achieved A* grades in each of their A Levels: Ravi Chauhan; Victoria Kearsey; Omer Khan and Mark Richmond.

It is also worth noting that Year 12 have set a very high bar with their performance in the AS examinations. Due to A Level reform this is the first cohort where the majority did not sit external exams. However those that did in the unreformed subjects of: Maths; Further Maths; Media Studies; PE; ICT; Government & Politics; Music Technology; Geography; Spanish; German; and Product Design attained 55% of grades at A or B. These students are well placed to build on this in Year 13 and achieve their chosen destinations.

The staff and governors at Tudor Grange are incredibly proud of the achievements of the sixth form which continues to grow in popularity year on year. It is most reassuring to see the undoubted success of the students in this ever changing educational landscape. It is evident that Tudor Grange Academy can deliver the results and destinations our students so richly deserve.

GCSE Results 2016

Progress 8 = +0.59
Attainment 8 = 6.1 (B)
English and Maths A*-C = 90%
Ebacc = 51%
Ebacc entries = 74%
Value Added (approx) = 1045

Tudor Grange Academy GCSE Results 2016

Tudor Grange Academy Solihull has once again achieved great success with another set of hugely impressive GCSE results. We are delighted that the efforts of students and staff have been rewarded with such high grades across the range of subjects. Schools are now judged on a wider range of GCSE outcomes and Tudor Grange continues to achieve excellence across the board.

The students have worked tirelessly, supported by their families and a dedicated and highly skilled team of staff. We have seen outstanding grades, especially in English and maths, EBacc and the new measures of Progress 8 and Attainment 8. The government have redefined success for schools and our students have really delivered.

Following last year’s exceptional performance in English and maths which placed Tudor Grange in the top 5 non-selective schools in the country, 90% of students again achieved A*-C in this key measure. This should be placed alongside the EBacc figure of 51% which is well above the national average. With the new Progress 8 score of +0.59 and an Attainment 8 score of +6.1, the Academy has produced excellent outcomes for students of all starting points. We are particularly pleased with the progress demonstrated by these figures as they indicate that Tudor Grange adds value for all its students. These results certainly reinforce Tudor Grange Academy’s status as one of the highest performing non-selective schools in the country.

Amongst the many individual success stories, the following students achieved A* grades in at least 8 subjects: Kate Adams, William Blay, Kerina Chauhan, Emma Eaton, Oliver Jones, Matthew Pagan, Zayn Richards, Lisa Rinnhofer, Iwan Tebbs and Holly Watton.

Kate Adams achieved a prestigious A* grade in 13 subjects with William Blay registering A* in 12 subjects. Emma Eaton, Matthew Pagan, Zayn Richards, Iwan Tebbs and Holly Watton all achieved 11 A* grades.

The results follow on from the school’s success at A-level last week. We are so proud of our A-level results and the University and apprenticeship places they helped secure. The fact that sixth form performance actually adds further value, building on success at GCSE and continues to improve year on year, is testimony to the teaching standards and the great efforts of the students. We are delighted that so many of our students choose to stay at our sixth form and continue the journey to the destination of their choice with us by their side.

The staff and governors at Tudor Grange Academy are incredibly proud of the achievements of all our year 11 students.  It is evident from these results that, even in an ever-changing educational climate, Tudor Grange Academy can deliver exceptional outcomes which gives all students the opportunity to succeed in the next stage of their lives.

Mr Darren Turner, MA Ed


Tudor Grange Academy Solihull

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