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Making a difference and these images say it all - well done Jay and your staff. Awesome effort and best of luck to… https://t.co/AinhcbVmNz

@TGASolihull A tremendous effort and the array of photos capture those moments wonderfully - well done #pride

A fantastic effort by staff, students and parents. Have a great weekend celebrating! https://t.co/vLvFwRjkyN

RT @musicsolihull: Thank you! That is a very kind thing to say! Well done to all the pupils at Tudor grange we are proud of you! #nextmusic

If you need support with your next steps, Academy staff will be available tomorrow (Friday) and next week. Please c… https://t.co/LSFNC4x0DY

9 - 11 am tomorrow (Friday) for students who need to make changes to A level courses. Early years (our uniform supp… https://t.co/gLinAHTaGj

Surprisingly pleasant.....?! 🦁 not as tear-jerking as the TG version of the Lion King though obviously.....… https://t.co/zCCvnDNt57

After a busy day of enrolment, the sixth form is full for Sept 2019. We are so excited about the new year 12 cohort… https://t.co/QlzUPo6YRF

Seeing these reactions today was a privilege and a pleasure. Hard work pays off! Congratulations to all of our stud… https://t.co/FrPh7fplxd

Well done to students, staff and all of the families who have supported along the way. Some proud parents today!

Results to be proud of....37% of entries were graded at 7+, 1 in 5 entries achieved the top grades of 8 or 9. AMAZI… https://t.co/yBKfmcRfAM

91% of students achieving 4+ in both English and maths, 76% of students achieving 5+ in both subjects!

So proud of our students today - an amazing set of exam results and some inspirational stories of improvement.… https://t.co/GEK0EFGCli

Year 11&13s...amongst all the excitement of results please remember to say a little thank you to your peri teachers… https://t.co/TcrgiMCzOA

We can’t wait to meet our Year 12 class! 😄🎶 https://t.co/fYxi3rRAkX

A brilliant day enrolling wonderful students into our new Year 12 cohort. So looking forward to September. Enjoy yo… https://t.co/9Hik8AqMFO

We are so proud of all of our GSCE Art and Photography students! No matter what grade you got today - it does not d… https://t.co/HAwqg7CYjt

RT @theartcriminal: I’d like to thank the art teachers, headteachers, @NSEAD1, the networks such as @NEATENart (and others), who have defen…

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Tudor Grange Academy Solihull was initially founded in 1957 as a boys grammar school before merging with the girls grammar in 1974 to form Tudor Grange School. Becoming an Academy in 2011, it has earned a national reputation for excellence through its outstanding academic achievements and commitment to high standards, innovation and support.

We are a popular, mixed comprehensive school of 1560 students, including a thriving sixth form of nearly 300.

My role as new Principal is to ensure that we continue to provide an environment where students are happy, healthy and strive to be the best that they can be. Students at Tudor Grange make outstanding academic progress but they leave the Academy with so much more than that. We are committed to the development of the Tudor Habits which we believe are intrinsic to our success. One aspect involves developing the key learning habits needed to be hard-working, engaged, proactive students equipped with the tools and mindset needed to achieve. Alongside this, we encourage the development of key character habits that help students make the right choices beyond the classroom, enabling them to lead fulfilled lives as positive, kind and responsible people.

These habits, I believe have led to another year of notable success. In summer 2018, I am proud to confirm, 91% of students achieved a 4+ in GCSE Maths and English, and 36% of GCSE grades awarded across all subjects were a 7 / A or above. These headline results are outstanding and I am delighted with the exceptional progress that our students make. We are never complacent as a school and continually strive for the best for everyone; there is no ceiling on the aspirations of any student and we work tirelessly to give them the opportunities to flourish and exceed their own expectations.

Achievement at A-Level is equally impressive, with an average grade of B- and 62% of all A-Level entries being awarded A*-B grades. This has enabled our students to secure their destinations of choice post A-Levels, including Oxbridge and other Russell Group universities, along with places on highly competitive apprenticeship courses such as Grant Thornton and KPMG.

I consider it a privilege to work at a school where I enjoy coming to work each day. This is largely due to the dedicated staff body we have and of course, our greatest asset, the inquisitive, courteous and friendly students that work with us every day. The Senior Leadership Team at the Academy are committed to creating an environment where every student and member of staff has the opportunity to reach their potential and where happiness and well-being is a high priority. To this end, we are well supported by the leadership of Tudor Grange Academies Trust, our parents, carers and Governors.

I hope that you find this website useful and, whilst it can only capture a snapshot of the varied experiences that take place on a daily basis, I am sure you will take the opportunity to see us in person during the year at the many information evenings, parents’ evenings, performances, concerts, sporting fixtures and other events that continue to make Tudor Grange such a vibrant and exciting school.

If you have any suggestions or feedback regarding our website or indeed our Academy, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Mrs C Smith,
Tudor Grange Academy Solihull

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