How will my child get to and from the Academy?

By car

In order to ensure the safety of all our students, parents who bring their children to the Academy by car should not bring their vehicles onto the Academy site and should be aware that their insurance cover is likely to be invalid if they do so.
If, at the beginning or end of the
Academy day, you are using your car to drop off or collect your child, please do so well
away from the bus stops and entrances to the Academy. Out of respect to our neighbours please DO NOT park on or across their driveways.

Cycling to the Academy

Many of our students choose to cycle to and from the Academy. We have a ‘bike store’, overlooked by CCTV, that is locked during Academy hours. The Academy works in conjunction with the police to encourage safe cycling behaviour and, as such, all students must obtain a ‘bike pass’. In order to be issued with the pass, students and parents must agree to follow the cycling expectations when travelling to and from school and complete the parental and
student consent form available on the website.

If you are satisfied that your child is safe to cycle to the Academy then they can start straight away, once the reply slip for the ‘bike pass’ has been completed and returned. Permission to cycle to school may be withdrawn if your child is seen riding, or reported
to be riding, inappropriately, unsafely or without a cycle helmet.
We ask for your co-operation in ensuring that all road users and pedestrians are safe.

The cycling expectations are:

• Students must wear a cycling helmet to and from school

• Students must cycle with care and respect to others
   to and from school

• The bikes should be in good order with appropriate reflectors
   and lighting

• Under no circumstances should students cycle on one wheel

• Students should only cycle on bike lanes when possible
   and avoid pavements

• Students should only cycle in single file as to avoid blocking
   the road

• Once a student has arrived through the school gates,
   they must walk their bike to the bike store

Cycling Expectations and bike pass application 2022 – 2023

Public Transport

The Local Education Authority provides free transport to the Academy for secondary age students if the distance between home and the Academy exceeds three miles. Distances are measured by the nearest available route. Suitably timed bus schedules can only be guaranteed for students living within the Academy catchment area.

You must apply directly to the Local Authority for a bus pass. Students using public transport must show every consideration for other
travellers. It is important to emphasise that students travelling to and from the Academy by bus will still be expected to serve Academy detentions and study support sessions from 3.00 pm onwards.

School buses |

0121 704 6610

Walking to the Academy

Any students walking to the Academy should use public footpaths and, wherever possible, should walk with a friend. For safety reasons students should not travel to or from the Academy by way of the park. Students should also avoid walking through the private grounds of the flats near the Academy.

Good standards of behaviour and
respect for all our neighbour’s property and privacy are expected at all times; students should be aware that whilst they are wearing the Academy uniform they are representing the Academy.

School Closure e.g. severe weather

A school closure may occur because of an emergency like severe weather.  You should listen to a local radio station for school closure bulletins or alternatively you may check the council website via the link below: