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Students here are supported through out Sixth Form via Unifrog as they pursue their next destinations. Whether their next steps are university; apprenticeships; or employment, all research can be conducted thorough this easy to use tool.

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Useful links

Click here to link to the Connections website.

Click here to link to the National Careers Service website

Click here to link to the Not Going to Uni website


Apprenticeships are an alternative pathway for some students after Sixth Form. As an apprentice you earn a wage and work alongside experienced staff to gain job-specific skills. Apprentices receive training to gain nationally recognised qualifications. The benefits of apprenticeships include:

  • earning a salary
  • getting paid holidays
  • receiving training
  • gaining industry standard qualifications.
  • learning job-specific skills.

Apprenticeships are not for everyone, but if you have a clear idea of an industry or sector you want to work in they are an important alternative to University.

Useful links

Click here to visit the national apprenticeship website.

Click here to visit the Not Going to Uni website

Work Experience

To support their application to HE or other pathways students will all be expected to participate in relevant work experience. Students will need to make arrangements to do this for periods throughout the year. This must not interfere with their timetabled commitments. Work experience must be related to their future pathways or present study and not simply be part time work. There will be opportunities for extended work experience in the summer term after exams but students are also encouraged to commit to long term placements of a day or half day a week. These cannot interfere with timetabled lessons, but Mr Flood is happy to discuss fitting worthwhile placements in with a student’s timetable.

In order to go on work experience, students must complete the necessary placement form and parental consent slips need to be returned. All the information and forms that are needed can be found on the student resources drive on the Academy intranet.