How does Praise and Reward work at TGAS?

Praise and reward at Tudor Grange Academy Solihull is sincere, meaningful and personalised. We use our Tudor Habits and Values to shape the praise we issue following their demonstration both within learning spaces and around the school community. We operate a collaborative system to ensure this system is as impactful and visible as possible. We use our praise and reward system to ensure students feel celebrated for their unique qualities. We pride ourselves on a diverse and inclusive school community, our praise and reward system helps us identify and celebrate accomplishments no matter how small. We operate a system of conduct points, where behaviour points associated with sanctions are deducted from the total number of positive points (merits) a student receives. We do half termly merit banking to ensure conduct points are accurately recorded on out data system.

How can Families support this process?

  1. Frequently review your child’s planner – in here you will find the student merit stickers. Please speak to your child about the learning or character habit that has been demonstrated over the learning episode.
  2. Look for ‘Team TG stamps’ in the planner – this is a representation of positive conduct around the school community.
  3. Celebrate Super Merits – a super merit is awarded when students step out of their comfort zone and do something extra special, we also enter each super merit into a fortnightly prize draw!
  4. Reference the Tudor Habits and Values at home – research show consistent language helps positively reinforce key messages, we would love for our character and learning habits to be synonymous with the values you instil at home.

Please see the visual below, this demonstrates the hierarchy of merits which students can be given at varying times across the academy day, week, and term.