Dress code

A person’s dress and appearance are matters of personal choice and self-expression. However, sixth form students are role models to our younger students and therefore must ensure they are dressed in ways which are appropriate to that of a school environment or business setting. Students should ensure that the way they dress cannot be viewed as offensive, revealing or sexually provocative. Clothing should be culturally sensitive and free of any political or otherwise contentious slogans, and not considered to be discriminatory. Those who dress or appear in a manner which may be considered as inappropriate will be addressed by the Sixth Form Team.

Our sixth form suits should be charcoal grey and can be purchased from many high street stores.

Please adhere to the requirements below:

  • Alongside their suit male students should wear a white collared shirt and the TGAS Sixth Form tie. The suit and tie are available from Early Years but all other uniform items can be sourced from any other retailer. Shoes should be smart, suitable to be worn with a suit and not trainers. Jumpers may be worn underneath the jacket but please must be plain black, navy or grey and must not replace the jacket. No logos are permitted on jumpers.
  • Alongside their suit female students should wear a white, cream or black top/blouse under the jacket. Tops/blouses should be sleeved (at least a capped sleeve, no vest tops).
  • Shoes should be smart and suitable for a school environment where stairs and corridors have to be navigated regularly, therefore no stiletto heels please.
  • Skirts/dresses should be no more than 5cm above the knee
  • General guidance as a check is, Would I wear this to a job interview?