Catering Services


What are the arrangements for lunch?

Students can either purchase food from Willow restaurant, Terrace
café, and the Bonsai food bar or bring a packed lunch.

Students’ lunch accounts can be credited using a debit or credit
card online via ParentPay and you will be provided with login
and password details. Parents are able to view their child’s lunch
account balance and the details of what is being purchasedparentpay
online via the ParentPay system.


Should you wish to pay with cash, a barcode can be provided to
enable you to pay in cash at a local Paypoint outlet. If you would
like to request a barcode, please email the Finance Office or alternatively telephone
0121 705 5100 (selection option 6). The nearest Paypoint stores
are the Co-op on Longmore Road, Londis on Yoxall Road or the
One Stop on Prospect Lane. Alternative locations can be found on
the Paypoint website at

If a student forgets their packed lunch or discovers that there are
no funds in their account when they try to buy lunch they should
go to Student Services, where they will be asked to phone home
and either speak to a parent/guardian or leave a message to the
effect that they need their lunch account topping up. They will
be given a slip for a one-off loan to enable them to have a lunch
that day.

Students are identified in the restaurant, the Café and the Bonsai food
bar and the LRC by use of biometric data held for this purpose. This
involves a finger scan which is converted into numerical data and
stored for each student. No register of fingerprints is kept, nor is it
possible to reconstitute a finger print from the data we hold. If you are
unwilling to have your child’s biometric information used in this way, or
would like to talk about this further, please contact Mr C Key,
Executive Finance Officer.

New for September 2021
Students will be issued with an ID card, which they must wear at all
times. This card will be used to access money on lunch accounts.