Please see below some information about the course covered during Years 7 & 8. You will also find a minimum expected standards booklet in a hyperlink below. Inside this booklet you will find a summary of all the knowledge and skills that the academy expects your child to master in this subject by the end of the year. These are the minimum standards that we set for all students. If your child achieves this, they should be on track to achieve at least a grade 5/6 in your GCSE in year 11. During each half-term your child will have regular ‘learning checks to assess how well they are progressing against the expected standards. If they do not reach the expected standard in any of these checks, they should be seeking help from their teacher regarding the best possible steps. Teachers will also be sharing with students examples of how to go beyond the expected standards and providing additional challenge.

Minimum Expected Standards English Year 7 

Minimum Expected Standards English Year 8


Summary of Years 7 & 8

The Key Stage curriculum in years 7, 8 and 9 is designed to embed the important skills for progress later in the Academy. Pupils cover a range of units that bring together the skills of reading, writing and communicating in engaging ways.  Reading is developed through texts of increasing complexity to challenge pupils and encourage them to become critical and analytical readers of meaning. Pupils are inspired to write in many different forms and, while creativity is key, they are always aware of audience, purpose and form in the text types they encounter. Many units prepare pupils for the demands and content of KS4; we aim to equip them with the tools required to succeed here and in the wider world.


For a suggested list of reading for KS3
please download:-
KS3 Recommended Reading List