The transition between year 6 and 7 is an important and sensitive time.

Please see below for the timeline that the SEND department will be working against with regards to the incoming year 7’s. Please note that the SEND department are not able to accommodate one-on-one meetings before offer day and will be in touch with those requiring meetings following offers being accepted.

Open evening – October 2023: The SEND department will give 4 presentations throughout the evening to provide prospective parents and students with some information regarding how our SEND department works and provides support. Please note that this is not an opportunity to ask specific questions regarding your child, but rather an opportunity to gather an overview of the school provisions.

One-on-one meetings – Summer Term 2024: An email will be sent to parents of students on the SEND register to book meetings. Appointments will primarily be phone calls, with some face-to-face meetings being offered to be held on the Intake Evening. 

Intake Evening – Tuesday 25th June 2024, 6:30pm: The previously booked face-to-face meetings will take place with the SEND team. Please note that these appointments are by booking only.

Induction Days – 11th & 12th July 2024: On the induction days, all students are allocated induction groups. At this time, the SEND department will observe and converse with each student with a registered SEND need.