What should my child wear to the Academy?

Uniform Requirements from September 2021

uniform illustration


Green with Academy badge on pocket, single breasted, two-button blazer.
Blazers are to be of the green shade specified by the Academy.


All students – White shirt buttoned to the neck with enough material allowance to remain tucked into waistband.
Optional, for summer wear only, white short-sleeved shirt, buttoned to the neck.

Those students with apple green shirts may wear them until September 2023, any new shirts purchased from September 2021 should be white.


All students – option of v-neck tank top or v-neck school jumper in medium grey colour. Round necks and sweatshirts are not permitted.

Those students with green jumpers may wear them until September 2023, any new jumpers purchased from September 2021 should be medium grey in colour.


Official Tudor Grange Academy clip on tie, reaching the waist to be worn all year round. Ties should not be tucked into shirts.


All students – Trousers should be dark grey of an orthodox style, not unduly tapered or flared and without front pockets, no super skinny or skinny style trousers.


Grey pleated box skirt available from the school’s supplier (Early Years).
The Academy will advise of a suitable product code if you wish to purchase skirts from a supermarket or other high street provider. Please contact the Academy for further details.
Skirt length should be no more than 5cm above or below the knee. Plain pencil skirts are NOT permitted.


Plain black or dark grey. If wearing a skirt, socks can be knee length but must not be worn over the knee.


Plain black, grey or flesh coloured opaque tights can be worn, no patterned tights allowed.


Plain black leather or leather style ‘school shoe’ with a maximum heel height of 5cm and a maximum sole thickness of 2cm.

Boots, boot-style shoes, stiletto heels, sling-back shoes, canvas shoes, trainers and trainer style logoed shoes are NOT permitted. If you are unsure of whether a shoe is permitted then please seek clarification from the Academy, a photograph of the shoe would be of great use.


Plain grey, dark green, dark navy blue or black with no obvious branding, stripes, slogans or designs. A minimal fur trim is acceptable. Coats are not to be worn inside the school buildings.


Official Academy scarf only.


Students in Year 7, 8 and 9 are not permitted to wear make up.
Students in Year 10 and above may wear a small amount of discreet make-up but lipstick, coloured lip gloss/ lip salve and coloured nail varnish are NOT permitted. Nails should be of a safe length to avoid injury to self or others. Students must not bring make-up into the Academy.


No jewellery other than a watch to be worn. Exceptions include medical bracelets.

We advise any piercings if desired take place at the start of the summer holidays. This will allow enough time before piercings are removed whilst on the school site from September onwards.


Hair bands, slides or ‘alice’ bands should be black, dark brown or bottle green if worn.

Hair styles should be ‘office’ smart and business appropriate.

Extreme hairstyles, cut and colour are NOT permitted on any occasion.

Decorative shaving, patterns, two tone colouring, decorative braiding with beads and fabric are NOT permitted.

Cultural braiding and plaits are acceptable.

If parents are not sure please seek clarification from the Academy prior to cut or styling.


Students are permitted to wear sunglasses of plain appearance during periods of continuous sunshine. Sunglasses are NOT permitted to be worn in the Academy buildings.


Black, dark grey or dark bottle green in colour.


Black, dark grey or dark bottle green in colour. To be pinned under the chin to stay on the head comfortably. Hijabs worn around the neck only are not permitted.


Not permitted except during extreme weather.

Academy bag

A bag fit for purpose, with the ability to carry books and files, along with all needed equipment is required. Small hand/shoulder bags and carrier bags are NOT permitted. Bags should be of discreet colour and design.

If parents are unsure about any uniform item, they are advised to seek clarification from the Academy before purchase.

Physical Education Kit

Compulsory PE kit

  • Black/bottle green with logo – Polo Shirt
  • Black/white TGAS – Shorts or Skort
  • Black/bottlegreen sports socks with TGA logo
  • Trainers, suitable for sport
  • gum shield and shin pads when requested
  • NEW FOR 2021 – moulded stud boots (for use on the 3G pitch) – recommended boots – LINK HERE. Students will not be able to participate in lessons on the 3G pitch without suitable footwear.

Optional extras

  • Training top or shower proof TGAS jacket
  • Black TGAS Physical Education Hoody (only to be worn during a Physical Education curriculum lesson)
  • Base layers or sport leggings need to be plain black, free from any visible branding, and of suitable thickness so as not to be seen through.  Branded TGAS base layers are also available from the school shop  (link to recommended base layer items).

Non participation and other information

If students are unable to participate in a practical lesson they will be expected to bring their kit and assume an officiating or other supporting role, which does not compromise their health.

Any students who attend PE lessons without their kit should expect to be sanctioned in line with the Academy Behaviour Policy.

A suitable sports bag should be used to carry PE kits, this needs to be able to fit all kit inside and should be free from graffiti.

All uniform must be clearly labelled.

The use of laundry markers proves to be most effective in the return of mislaid items.

When travelling to and from the Academy, whilst at the Academy and when representing the Academy at functions or matches, students must wear full Academy uniform.

Uniform is also normally worn during educational visits.