How to access

This requires you to name the person(s) you are concerned about, write a sentence outlining the concern, indicating when this concern occurred, and then as much detail you can give us about your concern. 

You can choose to remain anonymous or if you are happy to include your details you can do.


  • If possible, we would always prefer you to speak directly to a member of staff if you would like to share a concern, as many of you do. 
  • If using MyVoice we would like you to include your name when reporting a concern (although you do not have to do so). 
  • If you don’t wish to share your details, we cannot feedback to you what action has been taken to address your concern in instance when it may have been appropriate for us to do so. 
  • This is NOT a place for reporting concerns about a member of staff.  These must be reported directly to the Principal.
  • This is NOT a forum through which to complain, please use existing processes to share these with us. 
  • Parents/Carers and members of the local community can also share their safeguarding concerns through MyVoice and will receive a letter about this. 

Any abuse of this system will not be tolerated and in the event that concerns are reported that are deliberately false or malicious, we will refer to Police as this behaviour may be considered a crime.

All students remain subject to the academy’s Behaviour Policy and concerns about the misuse of MYVOICE may result in sanctions.