Please see below some information about the course covered during Years 7 & 8. You will also find a minimum expected standards booklet in a hyperlink below. Inside this booklet you will find a summary of all the knowledge and skills that the academy expects your child to master in this subject by the end of the year. These are the minimum standards that we set for all students. If your child achieves this, they should be on track to achieve at least a grade 5/6 in your GCSE in year 11. During each half-term your child will have regular ‘learning checks to assess how well they are progressing against the expected standards. If they do not reach the expected standard in any of these checks, they should be seeking help from their teacher regarding the best possible steps. Teachers will also be sharing with students examples of how to go beyond the expected standards and providing additional challenge.

Minimum Expected Standards Religious Education Year 7

Minimum Expected Standards Religious Education Year 8


Year Autumn 1 Autumn 2


What are the Six World Faiths?

The key beliefs and practices of the Six World Faiths.

What are the origins of life?

Religious Sources: Interpreting religious and scientific interpretations of creation



Is Religion Disappearing?

Secularisation, Religious Pluralism, Humanism, Fundamentalism, New Age/Cults

Does Life have a Beginning or an end?

Conception, soul, reincarnation, rebirth, life after death


Year Autumn 1 Autumn 2


Who was responsible for the death of Jesus?

Jesus trial (flipped) With introduction of the link between Judaism and Christianity.

Does Religion Divide or Unite?

Islam Beliefs, including divergent beliefs(Sunni/Shia)



Are some Life’s more important than others?

Animal Rights

Caste System

Why do we Suffer?

Causes, explanations and implications


Year Autumn 1 Autumn 2


Who am I?

Different interpretations of the self/soul


 Introduction to Philosophy

Applied ethical theories-utilitarianism, situation ethics



Where do our morals come from?

Non-religious (humanism) and religious views

Do we exist?

Introduction to appliced Philosophy