Please see below some information about the course covered during Key Stage 3. You will also find a minimum expected standards booklet in a hyperlink below. Inside this booklet you will find a summary of all the knowledge and skills that the academy expects your child to master in this subject by the end of the year. These are the minimum standards that we set for all students. If your child achieves this, they should be on track to achieve at least a grade 5/6 in your GCSE in year 11. During each half-term your child will have regular ‘learning checks to assess how well they are progressing against the expected standards. If they do not reach the expected standard in any of these checks, they should be seeking help from their teacher regarding the best possible steps. Teachers will also be sharing with students examples of how to go beyond the expected standards and providing additional challenge.

Minimum Expected Standards History Year 7 

Mininmum Expected Standards History Year 8


In Key Stage 3 (Year 7 and 8) History, we have adopted a thematic approach to help students understand key ideas that effect their lives today. The course is designed to challenge the opinions and views students hold and inform their views moving forward, whilst still developing the key historical skills of analysing evidence and coming to informed conclusions.

The themes and content we study include…

Year 7

Theme 1: Conflict through Tim

Content: The Norman Conquest, The Crusades, The English Civil War, World War One, The War on Terror

Theme 2: Beliefs

Content: Religion in the Middle Ages, Witches, The Scientific Revolution, The Enlightenment, Secularisation, The Swinging 60’s

Year 8

Theme 1: Revolutions

Content: Magna Carta, The Peasants Revolt, The English Civil War, The French Revolution, The Industrial Revolution

Theme 2: Rights

Content: Women’s Rights, Workers Rights, Civil Rights, Gay Rights