Ethical Studies

Mission Statement

At Tudor Grange Academy Solihull we are proud to teach a broad and inclusive Ethical Studies curriculum which covers a range of issues and beliefs that are all hinged on key ethical issues. These issues were selected as they were considered to be topics that students may encounter or need to develop an opinion on at some point in their life, either during or beyond school life. We aim to equip students with the tools and skills to enable them to discuss, debate and interact with others who hold different beliefs regarding key ethical, moral and societal issues with ease and respect. We aim for students to develop well-rounded and informed views on these topics and be able to discuss these eloquently and sensitively in a myriad of different contexts. Our overarching aim is to produce young adults who are curious, empathetic and passionate about the various different perspectives that arise in response to these key ethical issues.

Ethical Studies teaches students to be able to evaluate both their own views and those of others to facilitate the creation of a fully realised, unique and independent moral understanding. We encourage this through the examination and discussion of different religious and non-religious perspectives on the issues studied. This is then followed by the critical evaluation of different religious and non-religious sources of authority to determine which they feel count as reliable evidence, something which will be unique to each individual. Ethical Studies and the essential character habits of Tudor Grange Academy Solihull are inextricably woven together. We integrate the Tudor Values into all Ethical Studies lessons; in particular, we aim to develop student’s tolerance of others and encourage them to embrace the differences that make us all unique. We also encourage students to understand the importance of unity in our culture and that differences should not divide us but act as a prompt for debate and discussion rooted in mutual understanding and respect. Ethical Studies provides essential life skills that students will be able to carry with them far beyond their time at Tudor Grange Academy Solihull. Students will be given ample opportunity to discuss and debate issues that are essential to the nature and experience of humanity and to learn from the views of their peers and others. We will also provide opportunities for students to discuss and debate issues with external speakers of both religious and non-religious backgrounds to bring these debates and discussions to life more. Students are actively encouraged to engage critically with the different viewpoints discussed and we also suggest that nothing should be accepted without consideration and scrutiny. This subject contains elements of philosophical and ethical debate and offers ample opportunity for students to really be able to unpick and examine the issues discussed critically and evaluatively. We also ensure that, through the expert delivery of the teacher, the nature of this discussion takes place in a respectful and understanding way, providing further essential life skills.

Overview of Year 10

In year 10, Ethical Studies students will complete a study of different ethical issues, which aims to develop their understanding of the responsibilities humans have to each other and the ways in which we should or should not treat each other. We will study:

  • Sex, Gender and Religion
  • War and Peace
  • Crime and Punishment
  • Big Ethical Questions and Possible Answers

Overview of Year 11

In year 11, Ethical Studies students will complete a study of different ethical issues, which aims to develop their understanding of the impact of ethics and morality on society as a whole and the ways it has shaped history. We will study:

  • Ethnicity throughout time
  • Medical Ethics (Abortion, transplantation, euthanasia)
  • Ethics in the Digital Age