Art and Design

artPlease see below some information about the course covered during Years 7 & 8. You will also find a minimum expected standards booklet in a hyperlink below. Inside this booklet you will find a summary of all the knowledge and skills that the academy expects your child to master in this subject by the end of the year. These are the minimum standards that we set for all students. If your child achieves this, they should be on track to achieve at least a grade 5/6 in your GCSE in year 11. During each half-term your child will have regular ‘learning checks to assess how well they are progressing against the expected standards. If they do not reach the expected standard in any of these checks, they should be seeking help from their teacher regarding the best possible steps. Teachers will also be sharing with students examples of how to go beyond the expected standards and providing additional challenge.

Minimum Expected Standards Year 7 

Minimum Expected Standards Year 8 

Summary of Years 7 & 8

In Year 7 pupils are introduced to drawing and painting by looking at botanical forms. They will create close up studies from nature and develop final paintings using colour theory techniques.  Pupils explore composition and tone, using colour and monochrome techniques.  They compare and contrast representational and abstract art through investigations using a range of media and materials including paint, print making and clay.  Pupils work is strongly supported by looking at the work of other artists who may influence their own ideas. Independent learning is encouraged through homework projects which support work produced in lessons.

In Year 8 pupils focus on contextualizing their work in relation to environment and history.  A strong emphasis is placed on experimentation with a range of media and materials including, photography, textile processes, 3 dimensional construction and group work.  Pupils will use art to explore complex issues and themes related to themes as diverse and scientific progress and historical events.   Pupils will be encouraged to draw on the work of other artists to create their own independent outcomes.  Independent learning is further encourage through homework projects which will be set every term.

Year 7 Units of Study

Botanical Painting:  An introduction to drawing and painting from nature.

Homework project:  Colour theory and the work of artists.


From Representation to Abstraction:  A response to the work of Wassily Kandinsky and contemporary artists.

Homework project: My Bike – An independent abstract response to the activity of cycling.


From 2D to 3D: Drawing in 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional forms using paper and clay.  Pupils respond to the work of Wayne Theibaud and other artists, by drawing and making clay cakes and sweets.

Homework Project: Mad Hatters Tea Party – Pupils design and make hats based on tea party ingredients.

Year 8 Units of Study

King Kong Swamp:  Pupils imagine they are a set designer of the set of the Peter Jackson film, King Kong.  Pupils create work in based on insect life and microscopic forms.

Homework project:  Research and development – Pupils support their ideas by studying the work of other artists, film makers and scientists.


The Holocaust and Identity:  A cross curricular project with History. Pupils look at visual representations of identity of those lost in the second world war.

Homework Project: Book sculpture – Pupils explore their own personal history and identity in a personal visual journal.


A consolidation of drawing and painting: Pupils explore core skills including composition, texture, tone and proportion.