SCIENCE – Separates

Year 9

AQA Biology chapters 1-9 – Cells, Cell division, Organisation and digestive system, Organising plants and animals, Communicable diseases, Disease, Photosynthesis, Respiration

AQA Chemistry chapters 1-8 – Atomic structure, periodic table, bonding, chemical calculations, chemical changes, electrolysis, energy changes, rates and equilibrium

AQA Physics chapters 1-6 – Energy, Electric circuits, electricity, molecules and matter


Year 10


AQA Biology chapters 9-14 – Hormones, Homeostasis, Reproduction, Variation, Evolution

AQA Chemistry chapters 9-13 – Crude oil, organic reactions, polymers, chemical analysis, the Earth

AQA Physics chapters 7-11 – Radioactivity, forces, motion, force and pressure


Year 11

AQA Biology chapters 9-14 – Ecology, Ecosystems, Biodiversity

AQA Chemistry chapters 13-15 – Earths resources, using our resources

AQA Physics chapters 10-16 – waves, light, electro magnetism, space