Psychology ppt Curriculum Choices 2020

KS4 Subject Information for Parents / Students

Please see below some information about the course covered during Key Stage 4. You will also find more information about the knowledge and skills covered booklet in a hyperlink below.  During each half-term your child will have regular ‘learning checks’ to assess how well they are progressing against the expected standards. If they do not reach the expected standard in any of these checks, they should be seeking help from their teacher regarding the best possible steps. Teachers will also be sharing with students examples of how to go ‘beyond the expected standards ‘and providing additional challenge.

Minimum Expected Standards Year 9 Psychology

Minimum Expected Standards Year 10 Psychology

Minimum Expected Standards Year 11 Psychology




GCSE Exam board:

AQA (8182)

Qualification Structure:

·      100% examination at the end of year 11

·      Two written examinations each 1 hour and 45 minutes and equally weighted (50% of the qualification per paper)

  • Each section’s questions consists of multiple choice, short answer and extended writing (25 marks each)
Key Assessments


Year 9:

October- Mid unit assessment Memory

December- End of unit assessment Memory

February- Mid unit assessment Social influence

April- End of unit assessment Social influence

May- Mid unit assessment Perception

July- End of year assessment



Year 10:

October- Mid unit assessment Development

December- End of unit assessment Development

February- Mid unit assessment Psychological problems

April- End of unit assessment Psychological problems

May- Mid unit assessment Language, thought and communication

July- End of year assessment


Students are assessed half termly and termly by mid unit and end of unit assessments as well as internal and external mock exams.

Subject specific websites to support revision and independent learning:

Recommended subject guides:

  • Essential guide- All in one Revision and practice workbook: Collins -available from school at £5 through parent pay
  • Illuminate: AQA GCSE Psychology. Authors: Cara Flanagan, Dave Berry, Ruth Jones, Mark Jones, Rob Liddle. Price: £23.99
  • Oxford university press: AQA GCSE PSYCHOLOGY. by Mike Stanley, Karen Boswell, Sarah Harris, Nicky Hayes, Fran Knight, Tracy Mendis

  • Homework projects- Dozens of documentaries, podcasts, films, journals, videos and things to do for each topic students study.
  • Study supports run weekly to support students.
  • Workbooks are available to consolidate learning.

Current year 8, 9 and year 10 options