Post-16 Options

There are a number of pathways open to students at the end of Year 11, although staying at Tudor Grange Sixth Form is a preferred option for many of our students. They can choose to continue in full time education at another Sixth Form or College, take up an Apprenticeship or work full-time with part-time education or training.

This decision can be overwhelming for students due to the amount of information given regarding the different options, so students need to make sure they are organised, attend the open events they need to and invest the time in themselves to think these decisions through.

There are many opportunities throughout the year for Year 11 students to receive support and guidance with these decisions, such as assemblies, two 1:1 guidance meetings, local open events and our Careers Fair.

DOWNLOAD: Post-16 Pathways Flow Diagram – where can a route take you?

DOWNLOAD: Department for Education – What’s next (Post-16)?