Bridging Tasks

Congratulations on securing your place at our Sixth Form. We hope that this is the start of a very exciting journey for you and we look forward to supporting you every step of the way, starting now.

We know that making the change from secondary school to sixth form is a challenge. After speaking with our current Year 13 students they made it clear that this was a transition they needed to be prepared for. In particular, the amount of independent study required for each course is a new demand for which coaching and practice are needed. Therefore, in order to give you the best chance of making this transition successfully, we have designed ‘bridging tasks’ for each subject taught at Tudor Grange Academy Sixth Form (see below).

You must complete the tasks for each of the subjects you have opted to study at A Level.

For most of the subjects you will be studying, you will find:

  • A series of tasks which you must complete ready for September.
  • A suggested reading/book list to help you with your independent study.

However, for Maths you will find a series of problems to solve and for Geography you will find additional designated reading material. Physics and Chemistry also include additional logical tasks, should you opt for these tasks.

For the tasks you will be undertaking, you must choose a line of tasks. This could be the green, yellow, red or grey lines. All lines of tasks will also include the central task. The tasks are designed to give you a choice in how you present your independent study and are open-ended, meaning you must undertake your own independent research around your chosen subjects.

However, French, German and Spanish encourage you to select one task of each colour – as well as the central square – rather than following a diagonal line.

You will be expected to provide evidence of your bridging tasks. This could range from handing work in, demonstrating knowledge during a discussion or even presenting your work in your first lesson. Completing the work should be seen not as a homework task but as a chance for you to understand what sixth form studies are like, and to give you a head start with your subjects.

Mrs L Sweetman
Director of Sixth Form




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Geography Reading A – Changing Cities

Geography Reading B – Coastal Systems


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