The 333 Club

The 333 Club is a monthly draw run by the PTA as part of our fundraising efforts. Each member pays an annual subscription of £15.00 (that’s less than £1.50 per month!) and is then allocated a personal number, which is entered every month into the prize draw.

How does it work?

It couldn’t be simpler! Five numbers will be picked at random monthly by the PTA committee. These numbers will be checked against the members on our list and the lucky winners will be notified. There will be 11 draws throughout the year from September – July AND, if that wasn’t enough, twice a year (each December and July) the 1st prize of £65 is exchanged for £200!

If you’re not already in the 333 Club, what are you waiting for?

This is an ideal way to raise money as the income is fixed for the school, you don’t have to do anything once you’ve submitted the form, and you can even win all your money back!

We have some spare numbers available so please do contact the PTA today to sign up or download the form here: 333 CLUB application form


Recent winning numbers:

November 2020: the owner of number 66 won £25

October 2020: the owner of number 145 won £65; number 104 won £25; number 80 won £25; number 35 won £25

September 2020: the owner of number 178 won £25