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PTA Treasurer Role

The PTA has raised well over £1000 during the 2018 Autumn term. At the last PTA meeting in January 2019, we allocated money to fund several new priority resources and projects at the school, including science textbooks, sociology materials, and items for food technology. With your help, we can do more to help the school continue to provide a great education for our children! Thank you to all who supported us at recent events and bought raffle tickets! Please help us by joining the 333 club, shop via easyfundraising and/or make a standing order – small amounts add up and planned income helps us save for larger items too.

Welcome to Tudor Grange Academy Solihull Parent Teacher Association

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) at Tudor Grange Academy Solihull is an enthusiastic organisation of volunteer parents and staff working together to support our children’s education and enrich their secondary school experience.  The PTA raises funds that improve and enhance the resources, equipment and opportunities available to all TGAS students.  This new PTA has recently been created by amalgamating the former Enrichment Trust (a charity that raised money via covenanted donations to improve classrooms) and the former Parents Association (which ran similar fundraising activities).

There are many ways to support the PTA’s work, for example through direct donations, matched funding, sponsorship, our very own lottery (the 333 club), refreshments and raffles at school functions.  We run social events for students, parents and staff that are always great fun and inclusive, such as school discos for Years 7 and 8, as well as fantastic Quiz, Race and Bingo nights.

Whatever your background, interest or ability to support the PTA, you are welcome, we will value any support you can offer, and your money will promptly be put to good use at your child’s school.


“We are committed to working closely with our parents and community to ensure that students at TGAS have access to the best education possible. We pride ourselves on some excellent facilities and resources, many of which have been made possible through the work of the PTA. I would encourage parents to get involved with the running of the PTA and to support their work by attending events and purchasing refreshments at Academy events. Money raised goes directly towards providing the best possible education for your children and I am extremely grateful for their support”

Mrs Claire Smith


PTA contributions are shared fairly across the curriculum and key stages to benefit as many students as possible, and it is GREATLY appreciated!  What parents give via the PTA makes an important difference to teaching, learning and extra curricular experiences.  Here are some messages sent to the PTA from staff whose departments have received recent PTA funding: 



The DVDs of the RSC performance of Othello has been an essential resource in allowing A level students the chance to see a powerful and moving interpretation of the play from 2016. Seeing the play in performance has allowed students to explore an interpretation of performance and staging that they cannot get from just reading the script.



The financial support offered to Media has been a huge help (particularly as we are currently in the first two years of delivering the new specification). We used the money to purchase a camera which we is currently being used to support the students’ practical skills (for coursework) and we have purchased numerous DVDs (Luther/ The Bridge/ The Sweeney / I, by Daniel Blake and Straight Outta Compton. The PTA has also helped to fund the new text books required- we are very grateful.



Kerboodle is a fantastic online resource that allows our students to access to their textbook at home as well as complete assessments and revision quizzes. The annual licence paid for by the PTA also gives us as teachers a powerful and efficient assessment tool that is now supporting student progress in all key stages of science.


We are very grateful to the PTA for providing us with updated audio equipment. Our microphones are much more reliable now and when we have done moderation and played sample recordings back, the quality is so much better. In addition they are a more slimline design than the previous microphones and  therefore less intimidating for the students in trial and final examinations.



Dear PTA,

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for the tumble dryer that you so kindly got for the PE department we are extremely grateful. It has been so useful for us as it has meant that we have been able to wash and dry all of the sports kit and has enabled the students to be able to play in clean kit which has been fantastic. Now we can also wash and dry all of the bibs used during lesson time. This may sound like a small thing but actually when the bibs get wet and then dry in the cupboard they smell which the students really dislike- so having clean bibs has really helped with motivation during lessons times. We are always so grateful to the PTA for the help that you give us and really do appreciate the things you have donated to us.



The food department purchased an online resource programme for child development.  This allows students to complete tasks at home online and develop their skills and knowledge in the comfort of their own home.  This also supports the teacher to track their progress in the subject and stretch learning outside the classroom.  As a department we have filtered the resources into lesson planning and PowerPoint presentations.



Money gratefully received from the PTA re: Safeguarding and wellbeing has so far been spent on the following:

•             26 x books and a transportable book shelf unit to create a Wellbeing Self-Help Hub in Student Services that can be accessed by all students Y7 – 13 inclusive.

•             Presentations delivered by our SEMH teacher to both half year groups in Y11 prior to their GCSE examinations in order to provide them with coping strategies.

•             Attendance at a Mental health First Aid 2 day training course (MHFA) for our Student Welfare and Liaison Officer.

•             The purchase of Bee Kind wrist bands to sell to students during the Bee Kind month (October).


PTA contact details

To contact any member of the PTA please email them via:

Chair:          Yasmin Khan

Secretary:   Becky Hess

Treasurer:  Peter Ruston

Senior Staff Representative: Drew Wright

Alternatively, you may contact them via the Academy on 0121 705 5100


Please download and complete the PTA Gift and Donation Form with Bank Details