If you are ill on the day of the exam, please telephone school as soon as possible.  On your return to school you must provide Mr Wilson with a doctor’s note which will be submitted to the exam board as evidence.
Normal timetables apply when you are not in an exam.
Full school uniform should be worn for exams; usual make-up and jewellery regulations apply.
Your bags, coats and other personal possessions, including food and drink, are not allowed in the examination room, please take these to the bag store in WillowBuilding prior to the exam.
MOBILE PHONES AND DATA STORAGE DEVICES, INCLUDING DATA STORAGE WATCHES SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN INTO THE EXAM ROOMS.  Taking these into an exam room, even switched off, could lead to disqualification.
The examination day is divided into two main sessions, morning  – start at 9.00am and afternoon – start at 1.30 pm.
You should arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of each examination.
Pupils with exams in the afternoon must go to lunch at 12.45 pm and report to their exam for 1.15 pm.
Exams are usually taken in the Hall and the Gym but please check your timetable to see what room you are in.
For exams taking place in the Gym and the Hall, you will need to line up according to seating order on Oak playground.  You will find a copy of the seating plan on the doors adjacent to the playground.
You must enter the examination room IN SILENCE and REMAIN SILENT until you have left the examination room.
Please ensure that you bring everything you need to complete the examination.  You may not borrow anything from another candidate during the examination.
All pencil cases must be transparent – use a polythene bag if necessary.
You MUST write in BLACK INK.  Coloured pencils or inks may be used only for diagrams, maps charts etc.
The use of correcting fluids/tape/correcting pens, erasable pens, highlighters and gel pens is not allowed.
You may use a calculator, unless you are told you must not.  Make sure that your calculator works properly and that you have removed any cases, printed instructions or formulae before the exam.
You must not use a dictionary or computer spell-checker unless you are told that you may do so.
Tell the Invigilator at once:

  • If you think you have the wrong question paper or do not have the materials listed on the front of the paper.
  • If the question paper is incomplete or badly printed.
  • Read carefully the instructions printed on the question paper and/or answer sheets and fill in the details required on the front before the start of the examination.
Do your rough work only on the proper examination stationery.  Cross it through and hand it in with your answers.
You must put your correct FULL name on exam papers – NO SHORTENED VERSIONS.
You must not misuse exam material, copy, include inappropriate, offensive or obscene material in your exam script, draw on your exam script, be disruptive or use offensive language or disobey an invigilator.  This could lead to disqualification from all of your exams.
If during the examination:

  • you have a problem and are in doubt about what you should do
  • you feel ill                                                                                             
  • you need more paper


You must not ask for, and will not be given, any explanation of the questions.
You will not be allowed to leave the examination room until your exam has ended.
If you have used more than one answer sheet, you must place them in the correct order, making sure that the Centre Number, your candidate number and the unit/component code are at the top of each sheet.
You must not leave the examination room until all of the exam papers have been collected and the Invigilator gives you permission to do so.
You must not take from the examination room any examination stationery, rough work or any other materials provided for the examination.
Failure to follow the rules of the examination room could lead to disqualification from one or more of your exams.
If you have any problems, please ask for Mr Wilson at Oak Reception.