What equipment will my child need?

Years 7 and 8 Equipment List 2020

Years 9, 10 and 11 Equipment List 2020

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How will my child know what books to bring?


Your child should check their timetable each evening and pack their bag ready for the next day.

All students are issued with their own planner at the beginning of each term for this purpose.

It acts as:

      • A diary for daily work.
      • A place to record work to complete at home.

Students are expected to enter the following information daily:

      • Full particulars of each homework set, written clearly.
      • Day/date when completed homework is due and any special arrangements for handing in.

The planner is an important record document; we therefore expect students to maintain them appropriately.

Students will be expected to replace their planner if they are not maintained impeccably.

We would encourage you to check your child’s planner regularly in order to satisfy yourself that homework has been properly completed.