All Absences

To report your child’s absence, COVID or non COVID, please click here to complete our Absence Reporting Form

  • Absences should be reported by 8.30 am.
  • If the absence is NON COVID-19 related you will need to do this every day of the absence.

Leave of Absence

If a student needs to attend a medical appointment or requires a leave of absence for any other reason a letter and appointment slip/letter must be brought in from home. The letter should be taken to the Receptionist in Student Services who will issue a Leave of Absence permission slip. The Leave of Absence should be obtained in advance, except in an emergency.

Before leaving the Academy the student should report to Student Services and sign out. Students must be collected by parents from Student Services unless a letter, giving specific permission to leave the Academy alone, is received. On returning to the Academy the student should sign in immediately at Student Services before returning to lessons.

Students are expected to remain on site throughout the school day, however, in exceptional circumstances, a student may be allowed to go home for lunch. A formal written request should be made to the student’s College Leader requesting permission. If granted a lunch pass will be issued and students would be required to sign out and in each day on their return at Student Services.

Leave of Absence for a Family Holiday

Family holidays should be taken during the Academy holiday period. Leave will not be granted for family holidays, unless under exceptional circumstances.

Requests for leave of absence for family holiday should be made using the official leave of absence request form which your child can collect from Student Services or click the link below to download a copy.

DOWNLOAD: Leave of Absence Request Form