Tudor Grange was formed from the combination in 1974 of the well-established boys’ and girls’ grammar schools on the same campus.

The school buildings are situated in Dingle Lane, on the west side of Solihull in an extensive area of parkland, providing both a pleasant setting and good facilities for games.

Specialist facilities in the main buildings cater for the broad curriculum range. In September 1995 Tudor Grange became a Technology College. From September 2009 the school changed its specialisation to Business and Enterprise.

Tudor Grange became an Academy in 2011, and soon after became a teaching school and now this has further developed through the Tudor Grange Academies Trust as a Teaching School Alliance which is accredited as an Initial Teacher Trainer Provider. In three years this has witnessed 23 teachers qualify, and currently we see 19 trainee teachers working hard to achieve their qualified status. These trainees are experiencing placements within our Trust, but also in other schools within our alliance. This family of educational establishments gives the opportunity to develop professionals whilst sustaining outstanding education within our own school and in other schools. Providing training enables us to grow outstanding facilitators who are setting the pace and bringing innovation to the academy; this further enhances our ability to upskill our staff and meet the ever-changing needs of the student population.

At Tudor Grange we see many outstanding teaching & learning episodes, with outstanding leadership & management at all levels starting with our students helping other students as peer mentors and aiding younger students as junior coaches. Our community is vibrant and feels safe and secure which gives both students and staff the opportunity to achieve and succeed with quality guidance and care offering stability, aspiration and inspiration. These key features, amongst many others, were recognised in late June 2014 when a visit from Her Majesty’s Inspectorate saw Ofsted award the academy a rightful ‘Outstanding in all areas’. I would like to thank you for your support in helping the academy achieve this accolade.


The students deserve the very best and the pace at which they learn is essential to enrich their understanding. There is much said about young people having brains which can absorb a huge amount, judging the pace at which these eager minds should be working is something well practiced at Tudor Grange and developed across the curriculum by our staff as a core skill.