Year 12 end of year letter

Internal Exams Study Leave 17th June to 26th June

All year 12 students will have exam study leave for the period 17th June to 26th June inclusive. During this period they will only be required in the academy when they are sitting their internal exams. This arrangement is being put in place because of the importance of these internal exams and to maximise the students’ opportunity to structure their revision around their exam timetables. Personalised timetables will be issued to students by tutors.

It is essential that on arriving in the academy to sit an exam, the students first register by swiping in at the usual location; outside Mrs Yates’ office in the sixth form café; Willow restaurant; Oak entrance; and Poplar. They must then make their way to the appropriate location to sit the exam. Upon completing the exam, they must swipe out before they leave the academy site.  Students must factor in the time to allow them to sign in before they attend their exams.  It is essential that all students follow these requirements due to safeguarding and fire regulations. During the study leave period, there will be times when teachers will arrange extra support for students. Students attending those sessions must follow the above signing in and out procedures. The results of the internal exams will be given to students on Monday 8th July during assembly time in WG1.

Thursday 27th of June has been allocated as a University Trip for all our Year 12 students. Further information regarding this will be sent home in due course. Please be reminded that Friday 28th of June is an Inset Day.

Progression into Year 13

Students in year 12 will automatically progress into year 13 unless there is a serious issue with their level of performance.  Any student who fails to achieve an E grade in the summer internal examinations will be invited with their parents to meet with one of the senior Sixth Form teachers to discuss whether continuing into Year 13 in the best course of action for them. This would be an honest and supportive conversation working to a mutually agreed outcome.  It is therefore important that all students prepare thoroughly and conscientiously for the internal summer exams.



Year 12 End of Yr Letter May 19