Sixth Form Attendance

Students:  You are reminded of the following requirements which must be complied with:

  • To attend sixth form every day from 8.35am until at least 1.15pm
  • To attend tutor period/assembly from 8.35am – 8.55am and if you are late you must sign in
  • To attend all timetabled lessons and all other timetabled requirements
  • Be punctual at the start of the day and for each assembly, tutor period and lesson
  • Sign out by Mrs Yates’ office if you leave between 1.15pm and 3.00pm

 Absences due to ill health

If a student is absent due to ill health, Mrs Yates must be contacted by the student’s parent or guardian on the first day of the absence and an absence note given to the student’s tutor upon their return or a valid email directly to Mrs Yates.  If a student is already 18, they may contact Mrs Yates themselves and write their own absence note.

 Leave of absences

If a student requires a leave of absence for a medical appointment a leave of absence must be obtained from Mrs Yates in advance of the appointment and the student must sign out and in again if they are able to return to school afterwards.  In the case of emergency appointments, an absence note must be provided the following day.

If students need a leave of absence for a university open day or for a university/apprenticeship interview or tests, they must provide Mrs Yates with a copy letter or email confirming the booking.  Please limit absences due to university open days to 3 per academic year.

 Driving tests/lessons

Driving tests and lessons must only be arranged to take place after 1.15pm and only if there is no clash with timetabled lessons.

Please be aware that any unauthorised absences will be followed up with a telephone call your parent/guardian.


Sixth Form Attendance